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Wheelchair Push Bar - Discontinued
Push Bar for Wheelchairs

Wheelchair Push Bar - Discontinued

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Arthritis Product#:CTC42
  • Designed to fit over the handles of a manual wheelchair.
  • Allows you to push a wheelchair with one hand.
  • Helps reduce pain and fatigue from pushing a wheelchair.

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Children and the elderly will find that a wheelchair equipped with the Wheelchair Push Bar is much easier to push and control. Very tall people and people with lower back pain will be able to stand straighter when pushing a wheelchair with the Wheelchair Push Bar.

The ergonomic design of the Wheelchair Push Bar allows a person pushing to place their hands in a variety of positions. When using both hands, the Wheelchair Push Bar transfers power directly to the chair with less effort. This helps to make maneuvering steep ramps, inclines, uneven surfaces, soft ground, or carpets much easier.

The Wheelchair Push Bar is available in two sizes to fit wheelchairs with handlebars from 12 to 19 inches or 17 to 26 inches apart. The kit consists of 2 L-shaped elbows and an adjustable center bar. The L-shaped elbows attach permanently to the handles of a manual wheelchair. The expandable center bar slips over the upright portion of the L-shaped elbow and is secured with a push pin. The center bar is quickly and easily removed from the L-shaped handles to allow the wheelchair to be stored or transported. Please note that the hand grips on the chair have to be removed and the elbows attached by drilling.

Wheelchair Push Bar Specifications:

Includes: 2 L-shaped elbows with bolts and nuts, center bar with foam handgrip, foam handgrip for inner tube.
Kit 1 Fits: Wheelchairs with handgrips 12 to 19 inches apart.
Kit 2 Fits: Wheelchairs with handgrips 17 to 26 inches apart.
Made In: USA.

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