If you are experiencing knee pain on a regular basis, you could have arthritis in the knees.

The most common type as we age is osteoarthritis. This is a progressive disease that slowly wears away the cartilage in the knees. This type is most likely to occur after middle age.

The next type is rheumatoid arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease that can strike at any age.

Another type of arthritis can develop after a knee injury, and is called post-traumatic arthritis. It can happen many years after a torn meniscus, ligament injury or even a knee fracture.

More About Knee Arthritis

Arthritis pain may start suddenly, but it usually happens over time. You might first notice that you have pain in the morning or after you have been inactive for several hours. They might ache after you climb the stairs, stand up from sitting, or kneeling.

It might hurt just to walk around the block.

Sometimes people can experience knee pain when the weather is damp. Others experience knee pain at night that wakes them up.

Tenderness or Swelling

Knee arthritis may cause inflammation. This is often due to bone spurs or fluid build up in the knee. Swelling may be more obvious after several hours of inactivity, such as when you first get up in the morning.

The skin on your knee may appear red or even feel warm to the touch. You also may experience chronic inflammation in the knees that does not improve with OTC medications.

Buckling and Locking

Knee arthritis can get bad enough that the muscles in the knees can get weak enough that the entire joint becomes unstable. This can cause the knee to buckle. The joint also may lock up so you can not fully bend or straighten it.

If you are starting to experience these signs, you should speak to your doctor to review your options. Fortunately, there are good medications and therapies available today to make arthritis pain less severe.

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