Gardening can be a great way for people with arthritis to stay active. But the pain and discomfort involved may often get in the way of getting things done. Here’s three tips to help you get out from in front of the television and back into the garden.

1. Avoid uncomfortable bending over

If having to get down in the garden is getting you down, then avoid it altogether. We have several products to help you do just that. The Weed Zinger allows you to weed while standing up. The Weed Zinger is a long handle weeding tool that allows people with arthritis to get rid of weeds without bending, kneeling, or lifting. People who have difficulty bending will find this long reach weeding tool with spring release a safe and fun way to pull weeds.

For when you need to get lower to the ground and standing isn’t an option, take a seat! The Yard Butler Garden Seat and Kneeler gives you a place to sit and a padded kneeling bench. People with arthritis will find this combination kneeling pad and outdoor stool provides a comfortable surface for sitting or kneeling when gardening.

2. Use ergonomic tools

Traditional tools aren’t necessarily designed for the best possible comfort for the person using them. They require you to conform to the tool instead of the tool conforming to you. The Easi Grip collection of garden tools solves this problem.

Each hand tool comes with a non-slip grip that is set at a right angle to the tool. This allows you to grip and use the tool comfortably, avoiding the need to bend and twist your hand into positions that might not be possible because of arthritis.

If your fingers or hands often hurt or are weak, the Easi Grip Arm Support Cuff plugs into any Easi Grip tool and allows for the use of upper arm strength to use the tools. Less strain on your fingers and wrist means you can get more done, comfortably.

If you are sitting and need to further reach, the Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools can give you that reach while providing you with the ergonomically shaped handle. Its a perfect companion to the garden seat caddy, allowing you to sit, move about, and avoid bending over and putting stress on your back. Because of the increased weight of the long reach tools, we recommend using the Arm Support Cuff with them.

3. Know your limitations

No one knows you quite like you do. There’s no need to push yourself past what you can reasonably handle. Take breaks if you need to. Work during times of the day when you know you will feel more energized. Arrange your garden so that you can better tend to it. Use tools like the ones we described so that you can keep your body as strain-free as possible when working. In doing so, you will allow yourself to work longer while experiencing less discomfort. Arthritis doesn’t have to stop you from doing what you love!

Use tools made for kneeling like the Yard Butler Garden Seat and Kneeler so that you avoid bending over. Instead of contorting yourself to use a traditional hand tool, use tools that conform to you and give you more reach. And work in your own way, considering your limitations, so that arthritis stays out of your way.

Follow these tips and you’ll be back to your gardening, getting things done, and loving every minute!