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3pp Arch Lift adjustable wrap supports the arch of the foot to relieve pain.
3pp Arch Lift adjustable wrap supports the arch of the foot to relieve pain.

3pp® Arch Lift - Discontinued

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Adjustable wrap supports the arch of the foot to relieve arthritis foot pain.
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The 3pp® Arch Lift is an adjustable wrap designed to lift and support the arch. This comfortable foam-lined breathable fabric wrap does not slip or roll. Adjustable straps allow the user to determine the degree of support needed to relieve foot pain.

3 Point Products Arch Lift is thin enough to be worn in shoes during the day, and comfortable enough to wear at night. The arch support has a sewn-in arch pad contours to the foot to support the arch. An additional pad is included and can be added to relieve pain in the ball of the foot. The universal size fits right or left foot and provides moderate support.

The 3pp Arch Lift is helpful for relieving pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Foot, Heel Spurs and Metatarsalgia (pain under the ball of the foot), and arthritic foot pain. This moderate control support provides greater resistance to movement by using materials with less stretch and more resilient fabric. This is ideal for wearing the arch support throughout the day during a variety of activities. By providing moderate control, the arch support protects the joints of the foot, and allows muscles and ligaments to be rested but not fully immobilized.

3pp Arch Lift Specifications:

  • Size: Universal, one size fits most. Fits right or left foot.
  • Color: Beige.
  • Material: Latex free.
  • Care: Machine or hand wash, air dry.

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