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APP514 3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace
APP514 3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace

3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace

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Lightweight, moldable thumb brace with replacement strap and liner provide optimal CMC comfort and support.
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The 3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace is designed with an embedded stay that allows the brace to conform around the first metacarpal to restore correct alignment. This lightweight and waterproof thumb support brace provides firm targeted support to the base of the thumb. Users with arthritis will find this brace keeps the base of the thumb bone and the wrist bone it connects to from grinding on each other and causing pain when gripping or pinching.

The 3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace stabilizes the CMC joint to reduce CMC arthritis pain. The molded, latex-free thermoplastic brace features smooth rounded edges, which are gently flared to reduce pressure over the web space. The thoughtful design eliminates pressure in the web space and leaves the ulnar border of the hand free for function. The strap is adjustable at both ends and allows the user to determine the proper fit for stability and all-day comfort. The slim, open-design thumb support brace can be worn under gloves and allows the wrist, fingers, and thumb to move freely. The 3pp Cozy Liner is included for even more comfort. The liner is made of specially designed materials and adds an extra layer of cushioning without adding any bulk or changing the fit of the brace. Designed to fit all thumbs, the brace was specially designed to work best for those whose thumbs have a “swan-neck” deformity. While there are other similar thumb braces available, the 3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace has a more slim, open design, and effectively reduces thumb pain by holding the thumb securely in just the right position.

Each 3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace comes with one extra strap and a 3pp Cozy Liner. 3pp Replacement Straps are available for purchase in sets of 3 straps. The 3pp Cozy Liner cushions the interior and edges of the brace, and are available for purchase in Packages of 5 Cozy Liners. For users with thin skin or thumb bones that are enlarged from arthritis, the soft 3pp Gel Mate Silicone Gel Sheet can be added for padding and cushioning support. The 3pp Gel Mate Silicone Gel Sheet is sold separately on this website.

3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace Instructions

3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace Specifications:

  • Includes: 3pp CMC Care Thumb Brace, 3pp Cozy Liner, one extra replacement strap and an extra closure tab.
  • Choose size: Small, Medium, or Large; Left or Right hand.
  • Measure: Length from web space to wrist crease.
  • Sizes: Small fits 2 - 2.5 inches, Medium fits 2.5 - 3 inches, Large fits 3 - 3.5 inches.
  • Materials: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU).
  • Model: P2014.
  • Care: Use mild detergent to hand wash or machine wash in a small mesh laundry bag. Remove the strap and wash separately; lay flat to dry.

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