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Lightweight rolling shopping bag!
Package of 3 rubber grips can be attached to or can replace existing grips on any pen, pencil or pencil-like tool for ease of use.
Clinically tested ergonomic design helps neutralize hand difficulties due to arthritis.
High density plasticwalker glides will not wear out!
Easy to grip opener for bottle caps, pull tabs, and box tops.
Open hard to turn locks with less hand and wrist pain
Helps weak, arthritic or injured hands turn jar lids or faucets.
Slip resistant, easy grip door knob turning aid.
Package of 2 soft grippers provide a larger gripping surface and cushion grip.
Package of 2 turners provides an easy to grip surface for small lamp switches.
Includes helpful items for daily tasks that help decrease joint pain and enhance hand function.
Offers the added feature of a reminder alarm to help people take their medicine on time.
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