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Professional grade, all steel hand gardening pick with 15 inch handle and comfortable cushion grip.
$16.95 $15.95
Easy to grip and turn handles provide a larger gripping surface and additional leverage for users who have difficulty gripping and turning outdoor water faucets.
Dining aid plate platform reduces distance from plate to mouth, promotes independent eating.
Easy to use large button phone with photos and sound amplification.
Adapted holder holds a variety of objects for multiple everyday tasks in the horizontal or vertical orientation.
Flexible handle easily adjusts for a comfortable fit around the hand.
Adjustable height bath safety step with hand rail designed to make getting in and out of a bathtub easier.
Package of 5 soft foam lined wraps cushion injured or arthritic toes.
Anatomically shaped wrist brace designed to limit movement while allowing greater hand function for sports activities for users with arthritis.
Easy to apply with one hand, wrap provide optimal compression and support for arthritis wrist pain, mild wrist injuries.
Unique elbow strap with pressure pad designed to effectively relieve pressure for pain relief of Tennis or Golfer's elbow tendonitis.
Portable bed step stool with handrails decreases risk of falls for users who have difficulty when getting in and out of bed.
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