Kitchen knives and cooking utensils with easy to grip handles designed for users with arthritic hands to comfortably hold. Adapted knives include t-handle knives, rolling knives, upright handle knives, that are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip and effecticient cutting. Adapted cooking utensils for arthritis protect joints to help reduce finger and hand pain experienced while cutting or slicing. Arthritis kitchen knives and utensils help make and food preparation and cooking easier for users with arthritis.

Arthritis Knives & Cooking Utensils

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Comfort grip, upright handle prevents excessive wrist strain and pain
Ergonomic design gives the arm, wrist and hand a neutral and relaxed working position.
Keeps the arm, wrist and hand in a neutral and relaxed working position
Great curved blade rocker knife for arthritic hands!
Holds veggies and fruit for peeling.
Keeps the hand and wrist in a neutral position while carving
Contoured handles are molded in a soft feel plastic.
Allows users to cut food with one hand.
For those unable to perform the sawing motion needed to cut meats
Suction feet and food guards make this cutting board user friendly.
Stabilizes pots for stirring, helps prevent accidental spills
Special cutting board holds food in place for easy cutting.
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