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Akton Twister Back Cushion
Akton Twister Back Cushion

Akton Twister Back Cushion

Comfortable backrest support for wheelchairs with adjustable straps

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  • Akton Polymer Cube provides cushioning and support
  • Multiple adjustment straps allow backrest to be adjusted to user's shape

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The Akton Twister Back Cushion is an adjustable backrest for wheelchairs with Akton Polymer Cube padding that provides comfort and support. The cushion replaces the existing backrest upholstery and be contoured to the user’s shape using the multiple adjustment straps to provide total support.

The Akton Polymer Cube padding is made of viscoelastic polymer that will not leak, flow, or bottom out, and it is tissue equivalent. This soft cushioning gel moves with wheelchair users, not against them, to reduce pressure and shear, the two leading causes of pressure sores.

The Akton Twister Back Cushion replaces the existing upholstery on rigid frame and cane back wheelchairs. The Akton Polymer Cube padding helps to prevent pressure areas and provides soft support. The Action Twister Back is available in 4 different widths to fit chairs from 15 to 23 inches wide, up to 16 inches high. (Tall model for back 17 to 21 inches high is also available). People with normal to severe vertebral misalignment may find this back replacement cushion helpful for increasing comfort, preventing back pain and soreness.

Akton Twister Back Cushion Specifications:

  • Widths: 15 - 16 inches, 17 - 18 inches, 19 - 20 inches, 21 - 23 inches
  • Height: 16 inches
  • Fits: Rigid frame wheelchairs and cane back wheelchairs
  • Materials: Akton Polymer Cube and adjustable hook-and-loop straps
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