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All-Out Universal Opener
All-Out Universal Opener

All-Out Universal Opener

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Helps users with arthritis open sealed boxes, bottles, and cans with pull tabs.
Product ID: AMI139
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The All-Out Universal Opener makes opening everyday food packages and containers easy for people with hand limitations such as arthritis. This multipurpose opening aid provides added leverage to help open most food boxes, bottles, and cans. A blunt V-shaped prong opens glue sealed box tops, a hook on the back lifts pull tabs on cans and pokes through cellophane covered food trays, a twist cap bottle opener opens bottle caps, and a slotted opener opens non-twist (crimped) caps.

The ergonomic shape of the All-Out Universal Opener is comfortable, easy to hold and accommodates several grasping positions. Shape resembles a computer mouse to distribute pressure, reducing pain and cramping. Other multifunctional openers require more gripping ability and dexterity, are less comfortable and more difficult to use. The All-Out Universal Opener reduces the amount of grip needed to perform daily tasks of opening box tops, pull tabs, twist caps and pop tops.

All-Out Universal Opener Instructions

All-Out Universal Opener Specifications:

  • Measures: 5 inches long, 3 inches wide, 2 3/4 inches high.
  • Opens: box tops, pull tabs on cans, twist off caps up to 1 3/8 inch in diameter, and pop tops.
  • Color: Black.
  • Made in: USA.

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