Reachers and other household assistive items for Arthritis Relief.

Around the House

There are many arthritis supplies that can make your day-to-day life easier. From larger lamp switches to grabber reachers to door knob grippers to steady write and ring pens to playing card holders—we provide the products you need to make your life easier with arthritis.

Grabber Reachers for Long Distance Grasping

Reclaim the top shelf with reachers from offering a wide range of reachers, from folding reachers to EZ reachers and even rainbow colored reachers.

Folding reachers, because of their ability to fold, make them perfect for small apartments or other small rooms where space is an issue.

We’re sure you’ll find the grabber reachers you’re looking for!

Other Arthritis Aids for Around the House.

To make your daily life less painful we also offer the Leveron Doorknob Lever Adapters, which provide extra gripping power and enable easy doorknob operation for those with limited hand motion control due to arthritis.

A similar product, the Gas Cap Tool, allows you to turn a gas tank cap open or closed without squeezing the cap.

Click on the links below to shop for great prices on grabber reachers, door knobs, key turners and more for arthritis!
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Puts wall switches within easy reach.
Extends from 26 inches to 42 inches with a quick twist, helpful for users with arthritis who have trouble bending or reaching.
Anti-microbial replacement scrub pad for the Tube & Tile Scrubber.
Lightweight aluminum pole extends to easily dust hard-to-reach places.
Traps and holds dust without need for cleaning chemicals.
Easy to use large button phone with photos and sound amplification.
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