It's hard to believe that arthritis and other related diseases can come in 100 different forms. And because there are so many forms of this disease, the progression and treatment can vary widely depending on the type of arthritis one has been diagnosed with. There are, however, two types of arthritis that are most common—Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

Osteoarthritis (OA): The most common cause for OA is the result of excessive wear and tear on the joints, which typically takes several years to present itself.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA): This form of arthritis attacks the immune system and can ultimately destroy the cartilage and bone inside the joint.

What are the Symptoms?

How will you know if you are an arthritis sufferer or if your discomfort is due to age, ongoing rigorous workouts or even Fibromyalgia?

Typical symptoms of arthritis can range from stiffness, swelling in the joints, redness to decreased range of motion. Therefore, it may be hard to determine, at least at the initial onset, if these are indeed symptoms of some type of arthritis—the only way to know for sure, is by seeking the advice of a specialist, known as a Rheumatologist who can confirm if an arthritic condition is present.

What are Your Risk Factors?

  • Family History: Like many diseases and conditions, family history can play an important role in your risk of getting some form of arthritis.
  • Environment:Although you may have some family history of arthritis, your genetic make up may also be influenced by environmental conditions, hence, playing an important role in your risks of becoming afflicted by arthritis.
  • Age & Sex: Suffering from arthritis does increase with age—women are more likely to develop RA, while men are more susceptible to getting gout or other types of arthritic conditions.
  • Injury: If you ever sustained an injury that affected one of your joints, you are more prone to developing an arthritic condition in that area as you age.
  • Obesity: Obesity can be the culprit or the aggravating factor when it comes to arthritis. If you are over weight, trimming down can help to reduce your risk of developing arthritis.

Life Made Easier For Arthritis Sufferers:

Once you have a firm diagnosis, there are several ways to manage your condition— of course, it will all depend on the severity of your symptoms. Fortunately, there are several products on the market that can help ease the struggles of everyday life's requirements.

As an example, because many arthritis sufferers have difficulty with their range of motion, simple activities, such as toileting, may become difficult. But the good news is, there are toileting aids that can be used at home or discreet ones that are perfect for on the go. In addition to these personal devices, putting on your undergarments can also present a challenge—mercifully, there are undergarment dressing tools to help ease this burden.

So, no matter where you are on the spectrum for this condition, there are things you can incorporate into your life, whether it's using an eating utensil that provides an easy grip, or a book holder that enables you to comfortably read your favorite book. There are unlimited solutions available to help alleviate some of the daily struggles that accompany this condition.

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