Arthritis Dinner Plates and dining aids designed to provide helpful solutions for users with arthritis who have dining challenges when using standard plates and dishes. Modified plates with raised edges and divisions help users to scoop food onto an eating utensil. The user pushes the food against the raised edge to facilitate scooping. Plates and dishes with suction bases or weighted bottoms provide increased stability.

Arthritis Dinner Plates

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Complete dining set includes nine pieces of tableware for arthritis dining, ideal for travel.
$74.95 $49.95
Non-slip plate with slope is a dining plate for those with arthritis.
3 Compartment non-slip plate designed to help people with arthritis.
$18.95 $13.95
Adapted, high edge, non-slid plate for increased dining independence.
$16.95 $12.95
Adapted dining plate makes dining easier for those with arthritis.
Dish makes scooping food easier for those with arthritis.
Adapted plate with a raised inner lip makes scooping food easier.
Red adapted dining plate partitions food into 3 compartments.
Clear universal lid that fits any of the Independence dining plates.
A high visibility dining plate with high sides and overhanging lip.
Dish has a skid-proof rubber base prevents the plate from sliding.
10 inch diameter, 3 sections and high sides help make scooping food easier
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