Arthritis hot and cold therapy packs can have a significant effect on arthritis joint pain. Whether in the clinic or at home, these therapy packs offer superior performance and durability.

Hot and Cold Therapy Packs

Arthritis doctors often recommend both heat and cold therapy treatments to help reduce inflammation, ease joint pain and stiffness. People with arthritis may find trial and error experience is needed to identify which therapy works best for relieving pain. But by staying with it, and finding the right combination of hot packs and ice packs to get the most relief from pain will make it easier to manage arthritis pain.
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Natural fill back wrap for hot or cold therapy, safe for the environment.
Provides natural moist heat or cold therapy to relieve arthritis pain.
Aromatic foot warmers provide moist heat for soothing painful, arthritic feet.
Wearable knee cold pack with fleece cover provides soothing cold therapy for arthritis knee pain.
2-pack reusable cold therapy sleeves for swollen fingers
Easy to apply soft fleece wrap with ice packs, delivers the benefits of cryotherapy with compression for swelling around the foot and ankle.
Ice pack with neoprene wrap for easy application for cold therapy with compression for pain relief.
Includes the heating unit, 100 liners, 1 hand mitt, 1 footie and 6 pounds unscented paraffin, easy to use unit provides the ideal heat therapy solution for soothing hands, feet and elbows joint pain.
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