Arthritis Kitchen Knives ergonomically designed for users with arthritic hands. These adapted knives have soft handles that are comfortable to grip, and are balanced for more effecient cutting. Choose from adapted knives with t-handles, upright handles, large soft grips, rolling knives, and rocker knives. These adapted knives help prevent arthritis hand pain.

Arthritis Kitchen Knives

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Helps users with arthritis slice even egg pieces
Easy to use chopper with soft knob for chopping
Elegant, tapered non-slip handle that is comfortable to grip.
Extra-wide blade that will easily cut through most any material.
Ideal for slicing, dicing, and chopping parsley, vegetables, fruit, and other ingredients.
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Provides an easy, safe, and comfortable way to slice sandwiches, bread, tomatoes and other vegetables as well as fruits.
8 Inch long, professional grade chef’s knife adapted design offers reduced wrist, arm and hand discomfort for arthritic hands.
Comfort grip, upright handle prevents excessive wrist strain and pain
Ergonomic design gives the arm, wrist and hand a neutral and relaxed working position.
Keeps the arm, wrist and hand in a neutral and relaxed working position
Requires predominantly downward pressure and minimal rocking motion to cut.
Great curved blade rocker knife for arthritic hands!
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