The simplest daily task or household chore is a big deal to someone who has arthritis in their hands or fingers. Arthritis can make unscrewing a jar lid seem like an impossible dream. Assistive devices, such as jar and bottle openers, can help make up for weak grip and lack of hand strength due to arthritis.

Arthritis Kitchen Openers

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Opens bottle caps, pull tabs, and box tops easily.
Helps weak, arthritic or injured hands turn jar lids or faucets.
Helps you easily unscrew lids of all sizes.
Under counter or cabinet mount opener for jars, bottles with screw type lids.
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Provide a better grip for weak or arthritic hands.
Effortlessly open anything from small vials and bottles to large jars.
Makes struggling to hold the base of a jar or bottle a thing of the past.
Non slip grip handle for easy opening of twist off lids.
Jar opening aid provides a soft, sure grip on bottles and jars
Helps those with a weak grip open bottles.
Aids users in opening sealed boxes, bottles, and cans with pull tabs.
Silicone opener for stubborn jar lids.
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