It's almost Mother's Day, and this is a great time to show love and appreciation for Mom! If your mother has arthritis pain, you can really show your appreciation for her by giving her one of these inexpensive gifts that make living with arthritis easier:

If your mother likes to cook, arthritis in the hands and wrists can make cutting and chopping a painful exercise. Our Multi-Purpose Food Preparation Board helps to increase Mom's independence in the kitchen if she has a weak grip or arthritis. It features four food spikes to keep veggies and fruit in place for cutting and peeling:

Also, people with arthritis may have trouble reaching for or grabbing things, due to pain in the fingers and hands. Our Helping Hand Tru-Grip Max Gel Handle Reaching Aid makes it easier to hold and grip items if Mom has difficulty gripping things:

Another good gift idea for Mom on Mother's Day is a good pair of arthritis gloves. These inexpensive gloves - the Theromskins Arthritis Gloves - provide compression and help to control swelling and aid with stability in the fingers and hands.

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