Dermal application creams, clinically formulated to carry low doses of key ingredients deep into the targeted tissue, delivering the benefits you expect.

Inflammation has 2 phases, acute and chronic. While the acute phase is relatively nondestructive as compared to the chronic stage, it is the precursor to tissue degeneration from chronic inflammation. This chronic stage is the period in which long term damage is sustained within the joint from the degenerative effects of ongoing inflammation and pain.

Arthritis Pain Relief

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Fast soothing, non-irritating pain relief cream.
Easy to use silicone gel helps scars to heal faster.
$14.95 $9.95
Automatic heat control maintains constant wax temperature
Choose from lavender, wintergreen or unscented
Pair of double thick terrycloth hand mitts for heat retention
Prolong paraffin treatments while keeping surroundings wax free.
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