Arthritis Utensil Holders include a variety of grips and unique tools that make holding silverware easier. Large, soft handles help make holding utensils more comfortable for arthritic hands. For users with limited grip, universal cuffs and straps allow users to hold eating utensils without gripping. Soft silicone holders and straps provide added comfort for users with arthritis who have difficulty holding forks and spoons when dining. Arthritis Utensil Holders include silicone handles, foam tubing, adjustable straps, elastic straps, hand clips, for holding eating utensils with limited grip.

Arthritis Utensil Holders

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These brightly covered grips wrap around slender items helping users grip and use the items.
These pair of universal gripping aids wrap around utensils, toothbrushes, markers and other items to assist users with decreased hand strength.
Soft foam tubes can be cut to the length needed to fit a variety of handles.
Universal hand strap helps users hold dining utensils, ideal for users with limited grasp.
Ideal for anyone with decreased grip strength
Vinyl pocket holds silverware handle.
Helpful for users with arthritis who have difficulty holding eating utensils
Ideal for persons with limited grip.
Package of 4 large, soft grippers that are easy for individuals with arthritic hands.
Increases daily living independence for people with poor grip
Soft ergonomic grip fits comfortably in the hand.
Helpful for adults who have difficulty gripping.
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