Arthritic writing aids and pens designed to make writing more comfortable, even with arthritis.

Arthritis Writing Aids

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Package of 3 rubber grips can be attached to or can replace existing grips on any pen, pencil or pencil-like tool for ease of use.
Clinically tested ergonomic design helps neutralize hand difficulties due to arthritis.
Commendation from the Arthritis Foundation and is recommended by hand and occupational therapists.
Takes the muscle pain out of handling a pen.
Features a permanently attached base that stabilizes the hand at a special angle for smooth handwriting.
Positions and angles the pen or pencil correctly for use.
Correctly positions the thumb to reduce stress placed on the wrist.
Built-up grip for increased control of pens, pencils and other utensils.
Pencil design promotes tripod grasp, writing control, and endurance.
Ergonomically designed to adapt to the contour of the hand.
Designed for use with lift chairs, standard recliners, or couches.
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Large, ergonomic holder makes standard pens, pencils, crayons easier to hold.
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