Pain in the hand is a common result of arthritis. And tedious activities can make it worse. If you dread dealing with your medications because of hard-to-open bottles, then you might benefit from easy-open vials, pill dispensers, and pill crushers. These items can decrease the strain on the joints in your hand thereby easing the pain you may experience otherwise.

No more hard-to-open lids

Easy Open Vials can be opened with one hand without the need to struggle with child proof or other troublesome pill bottle lids. Simply squeeze the sides of the vial and the lid pops open. If you can’t squeeze the vial due to weakness or discomfort caused by arthritis, you can open the vials by positioning both thumbs on one side while pushing the opposite side against a counter top. And the lids are attached so that they can’t be dropped and lost.

Easy Open Vials come in a pack of five and are great for hassle free access to vitamins and medications as well as other items such as paper clips and sunflower seeds.

Store and dispense pills easily

The MED-TIMER Electronic Pill Reminder & Dispenser with Bluetooth eliminates the need to struggle with hard-to-open bottles by providing a new way to store and dispense vitamins, supplements, and large pills. Just load your pills by pouring them into one of the six large compartments, each holding sixty pills. When you lift the lower lid, you can easily retrieve your pills.

For easy organization, you can use the included blank labels to identify each compartment. And for even more storage, two VitaVault units can be stacked together.

Cut, crush, and store pills safely

The Pill Crusher and Splitter does all three of these tasks easily. Use the crushing chamber to crush pills into a fine powder by simply twisting the top. Use the top chamber of the device to easily cut pills while keeping your fingers safe. Simply open the top, position the pill in the cutting area, and close the top firmly.

Use the bottom chamber to store your pills or keep the unused portions of split pills there. If crushing or splitting pills is difficult or painful for you due to arthritis, the Pill Crusher and Splitter can help.

Lose the difficult lids

Organizing and taking your medications is hard enough without worrying about pain or discomfort from hard-to-open medicine bottles. But easy open vials, dispensers, and crushers can make it easier.