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Back Relax Folding Footrest
Back Relax Folding Footrest is a compact, folding foot stool that improves positioning.

Back Relax Folding Footrest

Folding footrest helps relieve back pain by improving positioning and posture.

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  • Helps relieve foot and back pain.
  • Easily folds to fit into a purse or briefcase.
  • Great for use at home, work, on airplanes, or when dining out.
The Back Relax Folding Footrest is a compact foot stool that easily folds to be stored in a purse or briefcase for travel. People who experience lower back pain because their feet don’t touch the floor when seated will find this footrest provides an easy way to elevate their feet for more comfortable positioning.

The Back Relax Folding Footrest is ready to take anywhere. The stool is eight inches long and four inches wide, and it collapses to make it ¾ inch thick. This compact stool encourages correct lumbar spine positioning to relieve back pain by allowing the user to properly tilt the pelvis.

Back Relax Portable Footrest Specifications:

  • Materials: 100% high gloss ABS Plastic, with a sturdy metal support bar.
  • Measures: 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, 4 inches high. 3/4 inch high when folded.
  • Weight: 14 ounces.
  • Color: Brown.
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