Today is International Bacon Day, and in honor of this savory celebration, we'd like to take a quick look at some tips for cooking and eating bacon.

Arthritis can make cooking your favorite treats difficult, and here at The Wright Stuff, we're always looking for ways to circumvent arthritis difficulties in the kitchen. We hope this list helps you conquer your bacon dreams!

1. You can cook bacon in the microwave

That's right. You don't have to go through the trouble of pulling out the skillet and starting the stove. This recipe from Rachel Ray shows how easy it is to place bacon strips between paper towels on a plate and heat till fully cooked and as crispy as you like.

For microwaving bacon or any other tasty entrees, consider easing the process even more with our Cool Grip Microwave Caddy. This nifty device holds plates in the microwave, but while the plate becomes hot, the Cool Grip Microwave Caddy stays cool, preventing the need to touch scorching plates or wear oven mitts.

2. Bake your bacon in the oven

If the microwave is just not your thing, consider putting it in the oven. Not only does this take away the burden of having to flip bacon strips on in the skillet and spew oil everywhere, it also can make the bacon taste better. According to, the oven cooks out the moisture and grease, paving the way to a dry and (slightly) healthier treat.

To make turning knobs on ovens or other appliances easier, consider the Universal Knob Turner. It's ergonomic handle and hexagonal plastic pins give you the grip and leverage you need to help reduce stress on the hand and wrist.

3. Make bacon bits

If you just don't want to give up frying your bacon on the stove, you can still prepare the bacon in a way that does not require flipping it and risk spewing grease.

Chop those strips of fatty goodness into small pieces, then toss into the skillet to make the perfect salad topper. Bacon bits also go great with soups and any meal that needs an extra kick of protein.

For more help with making great salads, check out the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner, an easy, one-button, non-electric solution to drying your leaves or lettuce after washing.

This finishes our list of bacon tips and tricks, but hopefully your journey to an easier bacon experience has just begun.

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