Sometimes referred to as bath benches, chairs or shower stools, the portable bath bench can be extremely helpful when some sort of support is needed with taking a shower or tub bath

Bath and Shower Chairs

An advantage of portable shower stools is they can easily be removed from the shower when others in the household wish to take a shower or tub bath. The waterproof construction makes it possible to maintain the device with relatively little effort, while also ensuring that the bench will remain functional for as long as needed.

A shower bench is ideal for people with arthritis, and are not able to stand long enough to take a shower. By providing a slip-proof and sturdy seating option in the shower, the shower bench makes it possible for just about anyone to enjoy the relaxing qualities of a shower without fear of falling or having to hurry bathing before strength is exhausted.

In situations where the need for a shower bench is more permanent, it is possible to incorporate bath chairs and benches into the construction of the shower area.
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New design with heavy duty sliding rails and large seat, tub transfer bench with swivel seat eases the transfer into a bathtub.
Provides a secure place to sit and assistance getting in or out of a bathtub, for users with arthritis.
Seat with replaceable cut out for easier access for personal washing.
Adjustable for left or right facing tubs.
Seat with replaceable cut out for personal washing.
Provides maximum stability for larger individuals with arthritis
Mounts to most tub walls for space savings in smaller bathrooms.
Eases the transfer into a bathtub for bathrooms with limited space
Pair of optional arm rests
An in shower accessible seat that folds; made from Brazilian walnut.
Fold down shower seat with removable backrest for easy cleaning.
Bath seat eliminates stepping over the tub wall, making it safer and easier to enter or exit the tub.
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