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Bath Kit
Bath Kit

Bath Kit - Discontinued

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Helps make cleaning your feet much easier!
Product ID: AAM200
Not for Sale
You can use this Bath Kit to make cleaning your feet much easier! Foot brush and toe cleaner mounted on an extra long handle is a great tool for people with limited bending.

The Bath Kit includes 2 toe sponges and 2 round sponges for a great value. Choose from the attached scrub brush or four additional attachments to wash the body easily, without bending or reaching. Use the two small sponges of the Bath Kit for washing between toes or the two round sponges for washing the back and legs.

The attached scrub brush is ideal for washing the bottoms of feet. The long, plastic handle of the Bath Kit holds the scrub brush and accommodates one screw-on attachment at a time.

Non returnable hygiene item.

Bath Kit Specifications:

  • Length: 22 inches.
  • Includes: 2 toe sponges and 2 round sponges.

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