Standing up or sitting down while bathing is a daily living activity that we perform without much thought. As a normal healthy person, we may not feel how important it is to be able to perform this simple activity in our daily life. For people with arthritis, however, a basic daily activity such as taking a bath or shower may be challenging and sometimes impossible. People with mild to severe arthritis may need special tools that help them stand up and sit down, when bathing or showering.

We provide a wide variety of high quality, user-friendly bathroom chairs, benches, and grab bars to assist people with arthritis sitting and standing in the bath or shower.

Bathroom Sitting and Standing Aids

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Stepping platform helps make getting in and out of the bathtub easier.
Bath lift renowned for its comfort, practicality, and ease of use
Easy to install, battery powered bath lift chair.
Wall mounted easy assistance pivoting tub lift
Additional length added to allow easier transitions from toilet to tub
54.5 to 55.5 inch base length helps make toilet to tub transfers easier
More comfortable padded seat for those with arthritis
$251.00 $211.00
Swivel seat with removable center helpful for those with limited mobility due to arthritis
Provides maximum stability for larger individuals.
Padded seat and back provides increased comfort for users with arthritis who have difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub.
Padded seat and back rest for added comfort.
Sturdy bath safety stool with cushion seat and integrated handles for added support to assist users when sitting and standing.
ADA approved, wall mount fold down shower seat for bathroom safety
$889.00 $862.95
Eases the transfer into a bathtub.
$242.95 $209.95
Provides a secure place to sit and assistance getting in or out of a bathtub, for users with arthritis.
Seat with replaceable cut out for easier access for personal washing.
$314.00 $251.00
Adjustable for left or right facing tubs.
Used on tubs wider than standard and for transfers over longer distances.
Seat with replaceable cut out for personal washing.
Provides maximum stability for larger individuals with arthritis
Raised seat helps to minimize hip movement.
$160.00 $134.00
Eases the transfer into a bathtub for bathrooms with limited space
Pair of optional arm rests
8 non-slip strips provide increased traction for safety
An in shower accessible seat that folds; made from Brazilian walnut.
$429.00 $386.99
Fold down shower seat with removable backrest for easy cleaning.
$545.00 $490.95
Bath seat eliminates stepping over the tub wall, making it safer and easier to enter or exit the tub.
Ideal for narrow tubs or shower stalls, anywhere a regular chair won't fit.
Suction feet for increased bath safety
An excellent way to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic bath.
Swivel seat with removable cut out center for personal hygiene
Eliminates the need to step over the side of a bathtub
Shower chair made for those with limited mobility due to arthritis
Transfer bench with swivel seat to get in and out of a bathtub.
Bath or shower seat assists in sitting or standing to decrease risk of falling in the bathroom.
Transfer bench has an extra wide seat, and a high weight capacity.
More comfortable padded swivel seat shower chair for those with arthritis
$217.00 $203.00
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