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CDM252 Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift
CDM252 Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift

Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift

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An excellent way to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic bath.
Product ID: CDM252
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The Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift is a state-of-the-art solution designed to provide the utmost comfort and safety during bath time for individuals with limited mobility or arthritis. This premium chair lift offers a superior bathing experience, ensuring convenience and independence for users.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift features a sleek and ergonomic design. Its lightweight construction allows for easy handling and installation, making it a versatile choice for various bathtubs. The lift is equipped with a user-friendly remote control, allowing individuals to effortlessly lower themselves into the bath and rise back up with a simple press of a button.

This bathtub chair lift prioritizes user safety with its innovative features. It includes a sturdy and stable base, along with suction cups that firmly secure the lift to the tub floor, minimizing the risk of accidents. The seat itself boasts a comfortable and slip-resistant surface, ensuring a secure bathing experience.

With its customizable height and reclining backrest, the Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift accommodates individual preferences, promoting optimal comfort. The rechargeable battery provides long-lasting power, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Invest in the Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift to transform your bathing routine into a relaxing and hassle-free experience. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced mobility, independence, and safety in the comfort of your own bathroom.

provides individuals with arthritis pain and mobility limitations an excellent way to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic bath. This new reclining automatic bath lift was designed by healthcare professionals to accommodate deeper bathtubs.

Bellavita has a low minimum seat height of 2.3 inches, and a maximum seat height of 18.8 inches. This wide range is an excellent choice for deeper model bath tubs. Ultra lightweight and portable, this unique bath lift is the lightest bath lift available at only 20.5 lbs, and is easy to assemble/disassemble, making it ideal for easy transport and stow away. When not in use, the back conveniently folds down for easy storage. For added comfort, the Bellavita has a padded seat and backrest, with the backrest reclining to 50° at its lowest position.

Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift has a completely water tight hand control that floats, making it easy to access the control buttons while bathing. With four quick release suction cups for an anti-slip bath base, and built in safety controls the Bellavita ensures safety in the bathroom. The Bellavita comes with a white washable hygienic cover. Other covers in grey or blue are sold separately. A headrest is also available as an option.

Returns: Due to the hygiene or rehabilitation nature of this product, it is non-returnable.

Bellavita Dive Bath Lift Instruction Manual

Bellavita Dive Bath Lift Information

Bellavita Bath Tub Chair Lift Specifications:

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 40.2 inches. (with the backrest in a reclined position).
  • Overall Width: 27.5 inches (including side flaps.).
  • Sitting height range: 2.6 to 18.9 inches.
  • Backrest reclines: 50 degrees.
  • Cover Color: White.
  • Model: 477400252.

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