Benefit Triple Head Toothbrush - Discontinued
Benefit Triple Head Toothbrush

Benefit Triple Head Toothbrush - Discontinued

Cleans all sides of each tooth with every stroke

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  • Brushes wrap around the teeth, brushing all three sides at once.
  • Helps prevent periodontal disease.
  • Can be used by any individual with limited hand, wrist, and/or arm movement.
Benefit Plus Triple Head Toothbrush is ideal for people who need to reduce wrist or arm twisting. Benefit Plus comes with a wide, padded easy to hold handle. With a top brush and two side brushes at an optimal 45 degree angle, it cleans all sides of each tooth with every stroke.

Because it reduces the need to twist the arm or wrist, it is great for people with arthritis, Parkinson's, MS or other similar conditions. It's padded handle protects the sensitive mouth area and is the best brush for use by a caregiver when assisting a person with physical challenges.
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