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Unique ergonomic handle with full finger trigger easy for arthritic hands to squeeze
Long reach, tool for safely pushing or pulling oven racks
Long rod with large comfort grip handle for easy twisting action
Designed by an Occupational Therapist who has thumb arthritis
Long handle reaching tool for wall mount light switch
Easy to use lower body dressing tool for users who have difficulty bending
Prolong paraffin treatments while keeping surroundings wax free.
Helpful dressing aid for users who have difficulty removing their socks and shoes.
Adjusts from 19 to 28 inches long by twisting the built up grip handle
Stabilizes and protects the middle thumb joint (MCP joint) with an adjustable strapping system.
Straight forward strapping system for easy application, comfortable support for ankle instabilities
Recommended by therapists for conservative treatment for pain relief associated with epicondylitis, tennis elbow or golfer's elbow.
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