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Visor display for handicapped parking permit.
Easy to use rolling knife with comfort grip handle requires less pressure than traditional knives.
Large grip handle puts less tension on arthritic hands, stainless steel blade for easy peeling.
Easy to use and easy to see large button remote control.
Perforated stainless steel colander is designed for fast and thorough straining of a variety of foods!
Soft, comfortable non-slip handles designed for arthritic hands, allows users to open canned goods with less mess and hand pain.
Helps users prepare anything from fresh pasta to homemade salad, stainless steel construction provides sleek dependability, non-slip handles provide a firm, comfortable grip.
Easy to use chopper with soft knob, thoughtfully designed for arthritic hands.
Arthritis friendly kitchen salad spinner efficiently dries leafy greens.
Set of 3 brushes with durable bristles and soft, non-slip handles.
14.5 inch long handle multipurpose personal hygiene wand holds tissue, razor, wipes, sponges.
Extra long handle personal hygiene tool holds tissue, razor, wipes, sponges.
Ergonomic design gives extra power and precision, helpful for users with Arthritis or Repetitive Strain Injury.
Accommodates different foods, knives, and cutting thicknesses, allows users to safely slice foods.
Lightweight drinking cups with no spill lids and long, single handle help prevent spills for users with arthritis.
Package of 3 clear drinking mugs with double handles, easy for arthritic hands to grip, and wide base for preventing spills.
Compact magnifier with LED light for reading small print.
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