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Large grip handle is easy for arthritic hands to hold to make buttoning and zipping easier.
$18.95 $16.95
Generously cut, 100% cotton waffle weave fabric material for comfort.
Bath sponges with easy to ben handles, ideal for people with arthritis shoulder pain
Fun and easy to use chopper cuts food into bite size pieces in the shape of a heart.
$12.95 $5.99
Adjustable wheelchair table with cup holder and hook attachments.
Wearable knee cold pack with fleece cover provides soothing cold therapy for arthritis knee pain.
Raiser helps people who have trouble sitting and standing from standard chairs without arms.
$46.95 $39.95
Mild compression, comfortable support increases circulation, reduces pain
Longer specialty design wedge pillow for knee support
Large handle, wide blade slicing knife is the perfect addition to any carving station
$61.95 $34.95
Height adjustable freestanding toilet rails with cushio grip handles provide comfortable support.
Combination lap desk and travel bag provides users a comfortable, reliable tray surface for working, eating, gaming and other activities.
$75.95 $64.95
Award-winning wheeled chair provides users a large and comfortable seating area, can be used in showers, over a toilet, as a transfer chair.
Height adjustable hygiene chair can be used in showers, over a toilet, as a transfer chair, features a large seat, flip away armrests, adjustable foot support, locking casters all thoughtfully designed for users with arthritis.
Award-winning multi-use chair with large 24 inch rear wheels provides users a large and comfortable seating area, can be used in showers, over a toilet, as a transfer chair.
ADA compliant, unique, curved grab bar provides reliable support, modern design.
High quality, commercial grade, fold down rail designed with offset rails to prevent wrist strain when sitting or standing.
17 inch long handle with ergonomic built-up grip and thumb rest that is comfortable for users with arthritis to hold and use.
Package of 3 replacement sponge pads for the Long Lotion Applicator handle.
Rigid aluminum tube U-shaped long handle bath brush with attached brush, non-slip grip designed to make reaching and bathing easier.
Powered lifting commode chair provides a slow and steady lift for standing from the seated position.
Electric powered, affordable lifting toilet seat helps users increase their independence, prevent bathroom falls.
Easy to apply hinged knee brace with slim profile, non-slip design
Soft, comfortable, adjustable strap with gel pad provides even, steady pressure to the patella tendon.
Anatomically shaped, anti-slip pad distributes comfortable pressure to the patellar tendon, provides secure support while allowing safe freedom of movement during sports activities.
Swedish design folding sock aid with long handle, allows users to put on long and short socks, stockings.
Lightweight, folding sock aid, easy to use, Swedish design dressing aid provides a helpful solution for users with arthritis, limited mobility to put on short or knee long socks as well as tights.
Lightweight, Swedish design folding stocking aid helps users with arthritis put on different lengths and types of support and compression stockings.
Comfortable, effective and versatile hand exerciser improves range of motion and grip strength while promoting tendon glide.
$22.95 $19.95
Provides a variety of exercise options to promote thumb and individual finger strength.
3 hand-contoured foam blocks designed to help strengthen and promote flexibility in weak or sensitive hands.
Unique shape allows users to effectively exercise their fingers, hand, and forearm muscles.
Pinch pin exercisers and rods can be used in several ways to help improve dexterity, grip strength, and fine motor coordination.
Variety of sizes and shapes help improve pinching and gripping ability.
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