These assistive devices, button aids and zipper aids, can help with arthritis limitations.

Buttoning and Zipping Aids

Not a problem for most people. But for someone with severely limiting arthritis, buttoning and zipping clothes while getting dressed can become challenging and frustrating. Joint damage, pain, stiffness, and fatigue caused by arthritis can make everyday, ordinary activities difficult to perform.
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Folding combination heavy duty buttoning and zipping tool.
Ideal for arthritic hands!
Helps make dressing easier for those with arthritic hand pain!
Helps arthritic hands zip and button with less pain!!
Large grip handle is easy for arthritic hands to hold to make buttoning and zipping easier.
$18.95 $16.95
Two folding button hooks fit a wide variety of sizes.
Flexible, easy to use large tabs make anything with a zipper easier to grab.
Easy to attach to zipper pull tab.
Easy to attach large plastic pull rings for small, hard-to-grasp zipper tabs.
Helps to make zipping easier, increases dressing independence!
Helps make buttoning clothes easier for arthritic hands.
$9.95 $8.95
Pants buttoning and zipping tool that does not require gripping.
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