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Car Ease Slide
Car Ease Slide

Car Ease Slide

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Slick inner surface helps make getting in and out of a car seat easier
Product ID: CMT978
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The Car Ease Slide is an easy to use car transfer aid that has a slick inner surface. People with arthritis who have difficulty entering, turning, or exiting a vehicle will find this fabric slide allows them to easily position themselves on a car seat.

The Car Ease Slide is made of a low friction fabric and is designed to allow users to easily slide and rotate on the car seat. Unlike other products, this car transfer aid is comfortable to sit on. The Car Ease Slide measures 18 inches wide and 22 inches long. The Car Ease Slide helps users to get in or out of a car seat with less effort.

Car Ease Slide Specifications:

  • Material: Low friction double layer nylon.
  • Measures: 18 inches wide, 22 inches long.
  • Made in: USA.

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