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Commode and Toilet Riser
Commode and Toilet Riser

Commode and Toilet Riser - Discontinued

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Created to solve the problems created by those old, clunky disabled toilet seats.
Product ID: CMM001
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The Easy Commode and Toilet Riser is an easy-to-use handicapped toilet riser that raises the commode without any of the hassles that those old raised toilet seats created. This is a toilet seat riser that you install only once and that blends in with the bathroom. It was created to solve the problems created by those old, clunky disabled toilet seats.

There have always been a range of handicapped and disabled toilet seats on the market. But until now, users of these toilet seat risers had to compromise their comfort and dignity. The old toilet seat risers were clunky, ugly and flimsy. They were unsanitary and hard to clean. And they were a pain to mount and remove after every use. In other words, there was plenty of room for improvement.

The Easy Toilet Riser requires little additional cleaning. But most importantly, the Toilet Riser™ won't force you to change your bathroom experience.

There are no new tools to use. No extra parts. You'll get to use the same toilet you're familiar with. The Easy Toilet Riser™ just boosts it a little higher.

The Easy Toilet Riser™ comes in a kit with everything you need for easy installation. Although The Medway Corporation Easy Toilet Riser™ ships in an 11 lb. package, the toilet seat riser is made with sturdy and high quality PVC strong enough to support up to 500 lbs.

Non returnable if packaging is opened.

Commode and Toilet Riser Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 21 ¼ inches long x 11 ½ inches wide x 4 inches high.
  • Elevation: 4 inches.
  • Color: white.
  • Includes: Toilet Seat Riser, two (2) 6 inch long closet bolts, two (2) wax rings, one (1) extended water pipe, two (2) washers, two (2) nuts, installation manual.

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