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Since Contour Products, Inc. introduced the successful Contour Pillow in 1991, they have sold more than 20 million products in the United States and 80 other countries. The company designs comfort solutions to improve the overall physical well-being of customers and, ultimately, enhance their daily lifestyles. An emphasis on posture, ergonomics, and support is what separates Contour Products from the competition. They take pride in their motto, “We Support You for Life.”

Arthritis Supplies is proud to offer sleep comfort and support solutions from Contour Products, Inc.
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Easily transforms an existing bed into an adjustable bed
3 piece multi-functional wedge system for total body support and pain relief
Extra wide bed wedge pillow positioning system for total body comfort in multiple positions
Slip cover fits snugly on the wedge pillow - protecting it from stains.
Fits the L Pillow to help protect it and keep it clean.
Ideal for people who need support for sleeping comfortably in any position.
Ensures you are seated comfortably, and supported fully every time you sit down
Accommodates the wedge pillow larger size.
Four levels of back support for comfort
Full size torso wedge pillow folds for travel or storage
Wedge pillow with massage soothes stiff back muscles.
Bends into any position for custom comfort and support.
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