Holding a cup or glass seems like such an easy task, but for people with arthritis, it can be extremely difficult. These adapted cups, glasses, mugs and straws are designed to make grasping and holding much easier for people with arthritic fingers and hands. Two handle cups allow users with arthritic hands to use both hands to support the cup for less stress on painful joints and fingers. Large handle lightweight cups designed to provide comfortable gripping options. Adapted drinking straws allow users with arthritis to enjoy beverages without picking up the cup or mug. Cup and mug holders provide added stability and support for easily accessing cups and mugs from a mobility device or table. People with arthritis will find these cups, glasses and straws helpful for drinking beverages with less stress on their hands.

Arthritis Cups, Glasses & Straws

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Complete dining set includes nine pieces of tableware for arthritis dining, ideal for travel.
$74.95 $49.95
2 contoured handles provide a comfortable grip for users with arthritic hands to hold.
Choose from 3 models, translucent mugs make it easy to monitor liquid intake.
Lightweight, insulated 2 handle mug with lid designed for people with arthritis or limited hand strength.
Lightweight, insulated mug is easy and comfortable to grip with one or two hands.
No spill lightweight drinking cup with long, single handle.
$9.95 $8.95
Lightweight drinking cups with no spill lids and long, single handle help prevent spills for users with arthritis.
Clear polycarbonate cup makes it easy to monitor liquid intake.
Dual handle drinking cup for a secure grip with wide base for preventing spills.
Package of 3 clear drinking mugs with double handles, easy for arthritic hands to grip, and wide base for preventing spills.
Flow control lid allows users to limit fluid delivery for safe swallowing
Ideal for those with swallowing problems. Two handles allow for easier holding and manipulation.
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