Dramm Corporation

In the early 1940s, Manitowoc florist John G. Dramm, with a gift for invention, designed a product that was to become the cornerstone of the Dramm Corporation. He called it the 400 Water Breaker.

Johnny, as everyone knew him, shared his invention with fellow growers and nurserymen. Basically a watering nozzle with 400 tiny holes that turns high velocity water into a soft-flowing shower that is gentle to plants, the invention proved worthy. Word-of-mouth spread the news and requests for the new nozzle began filtering in.

Today the Dramm Corporation manufactures and distributes a complete line of professional greenhouse tools and equipment throughout the world. It is the most respected name within the industry.

Arthritis Supplies is proud to offer adapted watering tools from Dramm Corporation.
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Ergonomic foam grip handle, lever activated valve easy for arthritic hands to use.
Professional grade long watering wand with foam grip handle.
Ideal for reaching hanging baskets up high.