Drinking Straws and Drinking Straw Holders are drinking aids that allow users with arthritis to easily enjoy beverages from their favorite glass or cup. For people with arthritis who are unable to hold, lift or drink from a glass, drinking straws allow for hands-free hydration. These reusable drinking straws are available in a variety of styles and lengths. Long drinking straws help users who are unable to lift the cup, which can be helpful for those with weakness, stiffness or pain in the shoulders or arms. Large diameter straws allow users to drink thick liquids, but also require more suction to draw the liquid up the straw. Drinking Straw Holders keep the straws in place for easy access.

Drinking Straws and Holders

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Package of 10 straws, 28 inches long with 3 flexible sections.
Package of 50 straws, 28 inches long with 3 flexible sections.
One flexible section allows adjusting to best angle for drinking.
18 inch long drinking straws available in white flexible Polyethylene or clear rigid Plexiglas®.
High quality, reusable, durable, environmentally friendly package of five extra long drinking straws provide users with arthritis a great alternative to long plastic straws.
Extra large, long, fully flexible, environmentally friendly adapted drinking straws ideal for thick liquids, smoothies, shakes.
Extra long, large, fully bendable drinking straws made of food grade stainless steel, allow users with arthritis to drink smoothies, shakes, and other thickened liquids.
$66.95 $39.95
Package of 4 clear covers and drinking straw holders help adults prevent spills too!
Holds large drinking straws
Plastic clips slide on to the edge of a glass, keep drinking straws securely in place and eliminating holding the straw.
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