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Dycem Non Slip Mats are avialable in large and small table mats.
Dycem Non Slip Mats are avialable in large and small table mats.

Dycem Non Slip Mats

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Non slip material keeps plates and cups from sliding
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The Dycem Non Slip Mats are made of Dycem material, one of the most effective patented non slip materials available. Dycem is not sticky but grips on both sides to prevent movement on slick surfaces. People with arthritis will find these non slip mats helpful for stabilizing a variety of items.

Dycem Non Slip Mats can be used in a variety of settings for different activities for people with arthritis. Use them in the kitchen on trays, tables and carts to prevent glasses, plates and cups from sliding and spilling. Place them under mixing bowls and chopping boards to hold them firmly in place and consequently reduce the risk of accidents.

The Dycem Non-Slip Mats can be used around the house to stabilize items such as telephones, calculators, writing paper, notepads, games and other items. For people with arthritis, they are helpful when writing, drawing, painting, playing a game or doing a puzzle.

Dycem Mats can be clean with soapy water to retain tackiness. Dry them before using as they are not effective when wet. Available in blue or red colors that provide visual color contrast.

Dycem Non Slip Mats Specifications:

  • Large measures: 10 inches wide, 14 inches long.
  • Small measures: 10 inches wide, 7-1/4 inches long.
  • Choose Color: Blue or Red.
  • Material: Non-slip non-toxic, latex free, antimicrobial, durable polymeric material.
  • Care: Hand wash, warm soapy water. Dry before using - not effective when wet.

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