Did you know that something as easy as just taking a few minutes a day to take some deep breaths and focus on your state in the moment can relieve pain in your joints?

More experts today say this is true - ancient meditation practices can aid the battle against chronic pain, including arthritis pain.

This type of treatment is known as meditation or mindfulness therapy. There are many types of this form of meditation being both studied and practiced for managing arthritis pain.

According to Andrea Minick Rudolph, a meditation expert and therapist based in Harrisburg, PA, we do not decide one day to have arthritis. However, we have the ability to respond in a positive way to it and to cope with it. Rudolph is a deep muscle massage therapist and Buddhist priest who trains others to use daily meditation to cope with arthritis aches and pains.

She notes that we should not allow pain to define ourselves, and with meditation, we can change how we both view and relate to the pain.

Of course, arthritis pain will always be there, but with meditation, the perception of that pain and how to manage that pain will make a difference. Meditation teaches us how to deal with the negative thoughts around the pain, which can in the end both reduce and manage the arthritis pain.

Some of the techniques to manage this pain include:

  • Deep breathing techniques to increase relaxation
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy to assist you in focusing on positive thoughts
  • Body scanning, or the practice of focused attention on the physical sensations of your body
  • Yoga meditation
  • Contemplative walking, which is common in Buddhist countries

There may be meditation groups in your area - one site to try to locate one is the Independent Meditation Center Guide.