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Easi-Grip Carving Fork
Easi-Grip Carving Fork

Easi-Grip Carving Fork

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Keeps the hand and wrist in a neutral position while carving
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The contoured handles of the Easi-Grip Carving Fork is molded in a soft feel plastic, which gives a firm comfortable grip in either hand. Users with arthritis will find the upright handle prevents hand and wrist strain.

The Easi-Grip Carving Fork has a stainless steel fork that measures 5-3/4 inches long. The fork is set at 90 degrees from the handle, keeping the hand and wrist in a neutral stress free position. The angled handle keeps the hand and wrist at a natural angle which prevents causing discomfort of the wrist. The handle has a non-slip grip that does not require such a firm grip and is less likely to twist in wet or greasy conditions. The Easi-Grip Carving Fork is supremely comfortable for everyone to use, but will be particularly beneficial for those with arthritis, Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or other conditions which weaken the hand and wrist. Fork is dishwasher safe. Easi-Grip Carving Fork measures 5 3/4 inches long.

Easi-Grip Kitchen Utensils

Easi-Grip Carving Fork Specifications:

  • Measures: 5-3/4 inches long.
  • Blade: Stainless steel.
  • Care: Dishwasher safe.

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