Easy Gardening with Arthritis

Spring is in the air! A period of time when being outdoors rejuvenates the soul after a long, cold and snowy winter! And of course it is the perfect time to commence your gardening activities—planting, pruning, weeding, watering and lawn care.

Unfortunately, gardening can become quite difficult for people who suffer from various forms of arthritis. For instance, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) affects the joints, creating muscle pain, swelling, pain, loss of functionality and exhaustion. Convincing yourself that you can kneel down comfortably in the garden to do that much needed weeding can actually be a doable activity. Because RA causes swelling and knee pain, protecting your knees is essential.

With the loss of function, whether minor or severe, accompanied by muscle pain, planting can be a challenge—dexterity and nimbleness is required in the hands to do this type of activity. However, using the right gardening tools will help you to continue with your spring cleaning, planting and pruning.

In addition to RA, Osteoarthritis (OA) can be a major deterrent to do any type of activity that requires bending, standing or other types of contrasting movement.

Aching backs, necks, hips and generally achy joints can affect the whole body. So if you need to dig up a little dirt to plant that bushes or plants, using an ergonomically friendly shovel will be important. If bending or reaching is the most difficult for you, make sure you do not overstretch and pull muscles in your back or neck.

Be careful to not overdo while collecting leaves, brush and removing yard debris or even transporting lawn furniture. Using a cart will make this much easier for arthritis sufferers, minimizing risk of injury and pain.

If are a green thumb and look forward to tending your garden, you can still enjoy this activity even if you have an arthritic condition. The tools available to you are vast in nature and will keep you happy in your garden!

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