For those living with arthritis, daily activities can be challenging, especially when it comes to dressing. It’s finally time to find the right bra for women with arthritis that doesn’t sacrifice comfort and support for easy-on.

Meet Liberare: Easy-On & Pain-Free Bras

Liberare was founded by Emma Butler for her mother who lives with chronic pain in her fingers and shoulders. The pain severely limited her range of motion and dexterity, making it difficult to put on a bra. Emma spent 4 years designing a full-figure bra that would be easy for her mom and the millions of other women with arthritis and chronic pain.  Those living with arthritis often have questions and concerns regarding their daily routine, including choices about their clothing and undergarments.


Putting on a traditional bra can be painful to twist into. The Liberare Bra has an easy fastener that requires no hand strength or dexterity. It’s designed for women with limited hand, shoulder and finger dexterity and mobility while not sacrificing support.

The Best-Selling Bra for Arthritis: Everyday Easy-On Bra

Liberare’s best-selling bra for arthritis is designed for ease of use and all-day comfort. Whether your arthritis mostly affects your shoulders, hands or fingers, front-closure bras are ideal as they simplify the dressing process. These bras eliminate the need for complex movements that can strain painful joints. With an easy-on front clasp, they can be put on and taken off effortlessly, minimizing discomfort and aiding in independence.  

These bras feature an easy-on front closure, perfect for those with limited dexterity. Now sold on

  • Patented Hassle-Free Front-Closure: The Everyday Easy-On bra is designed with a dexterity-friendly, hassle-free front closure, ideal for those with finger and hand pain.
  • Wireless Support: Specifically designed for comfort, these bras provide excellent support without the discomfort of wires, ideal for sensitive areas.
  • Cup Sizes B-G, Band Sizes 32-44:  Unlike many front-closure bras that have limitations, this range accommodates a variety of cup sizes (B-G) and band sizes (32-44) to cater to the diverse needs of individuals post-shoulder surgery.
  • Perfect Fit with Adjustable Band: Unlike typical front-closure bras, the Everyday Easy-On Bra offers adjustable bands, ensuring a snug fit as your body changes.

  • Trusted by Thousands:

Liberare’s Everyday Easy-On Bra has helped thousands of women worldwide get dressed easier. Seen in Vogue, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, and named one of the “Most Comfortable Bra 2023” by Oprah Daily.