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Embroidery Hoop Holder
Embroidery Hoop Holder

Embroidery Hoop Holder

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Adapted holder lets users do needlecraft projects with just one hand.
Product ID: AMI754381
Item discontinued
The Embroidery Hoop Holder securely holds an embroidery hoop for needle craft projects. Users with arthritis who have difficulty holding an embroidery hoop will find the holder easy to use.

The Embroidery Hoop Holder is an adapted holder designed for knitting, crocheting, embroidery and darning, and other needle craft projects. This unique holder has an easy to use clamp that secures the holder to a tabletop or wheelchair frame. The clamp mounts to tabletops or tubing measuring up to 1 inch thick. A ring at the top serves as a clamp for a crocheting needle or an 8 inch embroidery hoop. Users can easily adjust the long, flexible gooseneck in any direction needed for the best position. It is rigid enough to hold needle work securely yet flexible enough to adjust to the exact spot needed to do needlepoint one-handed. This portable and lightweight holder helps to reduce fatigue, eyestrain and stitching mistakes. The holder is designed to hold one crochet needle while the user manipulates the other needle. The Embroidery Hoop Holder helps make needle craft projects easier for users with arthritis or the use of one hand.

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