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Enablers Home Helpers Kit by Apex - Discontinued
Enablers Home Helpers Kit by Apex

Enablers Home Helpers Kit by Apex - Discontinued


Includes helpful items for daily tasks that help decrease joint pain and enhance hand function.

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  • Enhances hand function
  • Reviewed by Certified Hand Therapist
  • Aids for arthritic hands
The Enablers Home Helpers Kit by Apex combines seven items specifically designed to improve functional performance of common tasks and make daily life easier. Packaged together, these items meet some of the most common daily household challenges faced by people with arthritis and other hand conditions.

The Enablers Home Helpers Kit includes EZ Key Turners (AEN15), Pen and Pencil Cushions (AEN21), Lamp Switch Turners (AEN23), Spoon and Fork Holders (AAM137), Door Knob Gripper (AEN19), Jar Opener and Closer (AEN17), and Tub and Stair Safety Treads (CEN33). The curved design of the EZ-Key turner allows the user to turn keys with minimum stress on the fingers. The Pen and Pencil Cushions are designed in both shape to alleviate stress on the fingers, while providing a secure grip. The Spoon and Fork holders fit onto spoons and forks providing a larger gripping surface. The Lamp Switch Enlarger fits over the existing twist style switch to provide a larger gripping area for an easy, stress free grasp.

The Enablers Home Helpers Kit is specially designed for arthritis sufferers to help decrease joint pain and enhance hand function. This helpful kit includes the necessary tools to make daily life easier and improve functional performance for common tasks. Made of lightweight plastic, these items can help make simple tasks around the house a little easier for users with arthritis.

Enablers Home Helpers Kit by Apex Specifications:

  • Includes: EZ Key Turners AEN15, Pen and Pencil Cushions AEN21, Lamp Switch Turners AEN23, Spoon and Fork Holders AAM137, Door Knob Gripper AEN19, Jar Opener AEN17, and Tub Treads CEN33.
  • Materials: Lightweight plastic.
Dexterity kit enables me
I purchased this kit for my painfully deformed arthritic hands. I most especially love the knob that turns the light switch (we have only 1 lamp with this type of switch and it is in our living room; when my husband is away, I am not always able to turn the switch on or off and since it was his departed mother's lamp, he will not part with it.). The button and zipper pull I have not had to use yet but I know I will depending on the size of the button. The light switch was easy for my husband to attach. The button/zipper pull seems well made. I wish I could say that I love the key holders, but feeling like thin plastic and being so bulky in size (so as to be too big for pockets if you need them for multiple keys you carry), I was not so impressed. I was hoping that perhaps they could be put on my clock key as I am unable to wind the 3 places without a lot of pain. My husband did a much better job by making it padded and wrapping a lot of duct tape around it so that it is both bigger and has a little flexability/cushioning. I don't really need the pen holders as I buy the fat cushioned pens/refills. The utensil grips are just so-so, again, feels rather hard, and feels flat underneath, thus not being as comfortable to me as the padded utensils I purchased. The other issue with these is that the fit will depend on the style of the utensils at the restaurant I would go to--unless I bring my own. Depending on the style/design of the utensils, I do not think these would fit on all. They don't seem to have any weight to them. Overall, IMO, the kit as a whole was overpriced, (considering shipping and handling on top of that), but yet again, the lamp switch has been worth the cost of the kit. Thank you.
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Reviewed by:  from ohio. on 1/25/2013
over-priced due to the quality
The dexterity kit is supposed to help people with using their hands. Most were not sized large enough for an average adult. The lamp knob extenders work well, but had to shorten the stem to attach to lamp. Pencil holders slide on the regular octagon wooden pencils. The zipper pull/buttoner is very difficult to open one-handed. The utensil handles are made for small hands.
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Reviewed by:  from Grand Rapids, MI. on 2/27/2014
Enablers dexterity kit
Had this kit before and lost some of the pieces. Especially like the zipper/button helper. Keep it in my pocket at all times. Came in a timely manner and was in good shape.
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Reviewed by:  from Salina . on 10/30/2012
pencil or pen sleeves are not pratical since they do not fit over today pen or pencil...furthermore who writes with pencils
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Reviewed by:  from Swansea. Ma. on 4/25/2015
The EZ Key Turners were too loose for any of my keys. The Pen and Pencil Cushions were fine on conventional pens but slid around on pencils. The Lamp Switch Turners worked great on the switches on my lamps but I could see how they wouldn't fit all switches. The Spoon and Fork Holders are very hard to push onto fatter plasticware handles but fit on conventional tableware however it slides around on the handle. I haven't yet used the Button Hook/Zipper Pull but it looks kinda flimsy.
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Reviewed by:  from Eau Claire. on 8/2/2016
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