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Etac Socky Short Stocking Aid
Etac Socky Short Stocking Aid

Etac Socky Short Stocking Aid

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Swedish design folding sock aid with long handle, allows users to put on long and short socks, stockings.
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The Etac Socky Short Stocking Aid is an easy to use lightweight dressing tool consisting of a flexible fabric frame and a long cord loop handle. Users with arthritis with limited mobility or flexibility will find it easy to slide socks and stocking on the nylon material without stretching them.

The Etac Socky Short Stocking Aid folding dressing aid helps users put on long or short stockings, slippers or socks quickly and easily. The sock aid measures 15.75 inches long and is designed to help users put on both short and knee long socks including flight socks. The Swedish design sock aid consists of a plastic base with two hooks under a pre-folded nylon fabric. To use the sock aid, the user pulls the sock onto the fabric frame until the top of the sock reaches over the hooks. Next, the user can insert their foot into the Socky and pull the single cord loop handle to raise the stocking. The sock aid slides up around the user's foot and lower leg, placing the sock on the user's foot and leg easily. The patented Etac Socky Short Stocking Aid Swedish design dressing aid helps users with arthritis and limited mobility or flexibility to put on long or short socks and stockings quickly and easily.

Etac Socky Stocking Aid Instructions

Etac Socky Short Stocking Aid Specifications:

  • Length: 15.75 inches long.
  • Handle: Single cord loop.
  • Materials: Polyamide fabric, Polypropylene plastic.
  • Weighs: 3.31 ounces.
  • Care: Hand wash, max temperature 104 °F.

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