Father's Day is just a few weeks away, which means there is still time to get him something unique from our store. We have a vast array of arthritis aids that make great Father's Day gifts for fathers with arthritis, but lets take a look at one idea we think your dad will get a kick out of: adaptive weeders.

Does your father have a lawn or garden he is always pulling weeds out of? Does he irritably start pulling them just about every time he goes to get the paper? It's within your power to make his problem go away. With one of these useful Father's Day gifts, you could be the son or daughter that did the seemingly impossible by making him not have to worry about bending over to pull weeds ever again.

Get rid of weeds in literally seconds

Watch the video and see how easy it is to send weeds to their doom with the Weed Zinger. All your father will have to do is step, twist a handle and eject the extracted tangle of weeds up to six feet. This weed remover is 35.5 inches long with a handle on the end made for easy twisting. Unlike other weed removers, it is the only one capable of shooting the weeds up to six feet away, which means emptying the pulled weeds into a bucket has never been easier. Your father can walk around pulling weeds without having to haul the bucket as much.

Similar to the Weed Zinger is the No Bend Weed Remover. It measures 39 inches with a large spring-loaded ejector. It also features two handles instead of one, possibly making twisting even easier for your father. With the No Bend Weed Remover, the name says it all. This handy tool or the Weed Zinger tool is great for the father with the bad back who should not be bending over to pull weeds. Don't quail his weed-killing zeal. Empower him with the right tools!

Traditional yet innovative options

Peta Easi-Grip Weeder

Nonetheless, if you are looking to go the more traditional route in regards to buying a weeder, we offer arthritis-friendly solutions such as the Peta Easi-Grip Weeder, which features a right angled handle for easy grasping.

Peta Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff

The Easi-Grip Weeder can be combined with the Peta Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff, which attaches to the forearm to take much of the pressure off the arthritic hand when weeding.

Garden Weeding Tool by OXO Good Grips

The Garden Weeding Tool by OXO Good Grips is another option. It features the famous gel grip design of other OXO Good Grips aids and a handy triangular fulcrum great for increasing leverage and scraping weeds.

Your father's walk to the street to get the paper or the mail will be quicker when his weed-pulling tendencies are aided by these smart solutions!