There are more than 3 million cases of Arthritis per year and almost just as many cases that go undiagnosed. Arthritis can be caused by something as simple as knuckles cracking, but there are various forms of arthritis with various symptoms to diagnose. Stiff or aching joints are usually the first signs to show, followed by swelling and numbness.

The only way to treat arthritis permanently is through surgery and various therapies, but even then symptoms could come back or the surgery wasn’t extremely beneficial. That’s why homeopathic solutions are recommended, everything is trial and error with Arthritis.

Managing Joints

Although there are several forms of Arthritis, the treatments are all relatively the same. Hand waxing, finger stretching, gripping and general exercise of the joints. A big issue with this disease is mismanagement of joints, whether they’re too stiff or too active, it can throw a curve ball in most daily routines. An easy remedy for mismanaged joints in the fingers are the 3PP Oval 8 Finger Splints, used to stabilize and immobilize certain joints. These finger splints work with a 3-point pressure stimulation design, allowing for proper, stable joint movement. They’re waterproof and very easy to use, and are available in multiple sizes.

Another option is something as simple as a grip ball, it can aid in managing a more comfortable grip. Arthritis will worsen with age and so it’s important to continue proper therapies as shown below.

  • Gripping/Flexing - Start by balling your hand into a fist, not too tight or too loose and then begin to flex your fingers out and slowly close into a fist again.
  • Stretching - Finger stretching mainly consists of rolling the thumbs in circles and touching the tip of each finger with the thumb.
  • Stress Ball/Grip - The stress ball uses the same technique as closing a hand into a fist, it stimulates stiff joints and practices a safe and comfortable grip without further damaging the joints.

Repeat these exercises daily as needed and improvement should be seen.

There’s no exact science to the management of hand arthritis, because we never stop working with our hands, it can become a stressful experience trying to manage this disease. We recommend daily therapy and proper joint management to lessen stiffness and aches in damaged hands.

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