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ADM1076 Fleece Armrest Pouches
ADM1076 Fleece Armrest Pouches

Fleece Armrest Pouches

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Pair of durable denim armrest pouches provide convenient storage plus comfort.
Product ID: ADM1076
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The Fleece Armrest Pouches are durable denim fabric bags with soft fleece that cover the wheelchair arm rests. People with arthritis who use a wheelchair for mobility will find these pouches provide comfort and convenient storage.

The Fleece Armrest Pouches are washable denim pouches that attach with Velcro fasteners over the wheelchair arms. The inside pockets provide convenient storage and easy access for personal items. The pouches measure 10 inches long, 9 inches wide and have 4.5 inch pockets inside. Each package includes a pair of Fleece Armrest Pouches.

Fleece Armrest Pouches Specifications:

  • Material: Blue denim with fleece covered arm rests.
  • Measures: 10 inches wide, 9 inches long, 4.5 inch pocket.
  • Includes: Package of 2.
  • Care: Machine washable.

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