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Freedom Creators company was established to help bring freedom by providing increased dignity and independence to those with reach limitations. Founder Deborah Tacomah developed the Freedom Wand after experiencing a car wreck in 2006. Leaving the hospital with a broken back, she experienced humiliation and frustration as others assisted in keeping her clean. The occupational therapists had little to offer that was convenient, sanitary and portable. In hopes of regaining independence and personal dignity, she created the Freedom Wand.

Arthritis Supplies is proud to offer The Freedom Wand Toileting Aid from Freedom Creators.
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Extra long handle personal hygiene tool holds tissue, razor, wipes, sponges.
14.5 inch long handle multipurpose personal hygiene wand holds tissue, razor, wipes, sponges.
Adjustable strap for different hand sizes, helpful for holding the Freedom Wand
Adds an additional 4 inches in length to the Freedom Wand handle.
Long handle toileting, personal hygiene aid holds tissue, razor, wipes, sponges.
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