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Freedom Large Wheelchair Cupholders
Freedom Large Wheelchair Cupholder with Round Tubing Attachment

Freedom Large Wheelchair Cupholders

Attach to any round or square tubing on wheelchairs, walkers, bed rails, rollators.

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  • Attach to wheelchairs, bed rails, scooters, rollators, walkers
  • Closes flat for going through narrow doorways
  • Can be attached to horizontal or vertical tubing

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Choose round or square tubing clamp
The Freedom Large Wheelchair Cupholders securely hold drinks on round or square tubing frames! These adjustable beverage holders attach to any tubing element - including wheelchair frames, walkers, scooters, rollators, and bed rails. The clamping mechanism easily tightens securely on any upright or horizontal tubing.

People with arthritis using a wheelchair, walker or rollator for mobility will find the Freedom Large Wheelchair Cupholders are easy to use. Open the drink holder, then adjust arms to hold cups, glasses or bottles from 16 oz to 46 oz, up to a 4 inch diameter base. The arms hold the cup or bottle securely to prevent spills while allowing it to be removed and replaced easily. The folding cup holder closes flat to only 1 inch thick, so they do not cause problems for wheelchair or walker users when going thru doorways. The Freedom Cup Holder features a patented internal support leg which prevents accidental closure if bumped. Drinks are securely held on the mobility aid frame, without screws or sticky tapes.

The Freedom Large Wheelchair Cupholders are available with a Round or Square Tubing Attachment.

Freedom Large Wheelchair Cupholders Specifications:

  • Choose: Round or Square tubing attachment.
  • Holds: Cups, Bottles, Cans, 16 oz to 46 oz, up to 4 inch diameter base.
  • Folded width: One inch.
  • Color: Black.
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